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Home Automation Manifesto

It is two minutes to midnight to finally start developing “Hello World” application of Intelligent Buildings. This is our Home Automation Manifesto to the world:

  • Home and Building Automation has to be fully working system, with near-realtime performance, easily configurable and controllable.
  • Hardware is commodity today. Fully functioning server software, infrastructure and generic devices are needed under OSI approved Open Source license. Contributors are welcome.
  • We had enough looking at manufacturers, making their own closed gardens at users' expense. A generic (umbrella) Automation Communication Protocol is needed, in order to open and connect these closed gardens. A modern Layer 3+ protocol for dealing with today's hardware is needed. The layers below may stay platform dependent.
  • An open hardware and software Vendor Implementation Kit which will allow third party vendors and hackers to seamlessly implement their own inter-protocol bridges through an API. This way, it would be easy to bridge the proprietary protocols and start talking to protocols based on different standards.
  • In today's world Internet of Things world going after their own users' privacy, while “security” agencies collect more and more bulk data, it is our initiative to fully respect your privacy. Every device in your home has to stay silent to the outside world, unless you tell it so. Allowing your fridge to phone home to its manufacturer through our system is unthinkable, because Open Source should design with privacy in our minds.

Bratislava, January 2011.

Lubos Medovarsky

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