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Adhesive sheets for front panel design

Some years ago I have found a good and reliable way for front panel design using multiple adhesive foils. For materials of my choice, see below. It goes like this:

  • Use inkscape or similar vector based drawing tool and your measurement tools of choice to design the front panel.
  • Print the panel on the plain paper. Cut the frame out. Check the printed outline with the original enclosure. Iterate until satisfied with your results.
  • Store the panel's outline into separate layer for later use.
  • Print the panel on opaque (non-transparent) adhesive foil of your choice.
  • Print the panel's outline onto transparent protective sheet. My preference is slightly structured surface finish, which hides the manufacturing imperfections. Your preference may vary.
  • Stick your panel to the surface

Preferred adhesive foils

My preferred items are Conrad's

  • matte sheet #528870,
  • textured sheet #529443,
  • clear sheet for laser printers #530565,
  • clear 160µm sheet for inkjets #529672,
  • as well as white sheet for inkjets #529648.

UPDATE: Recently, I have found some alternative and cheaper self adhesive laser printer sheets from Lomond. They are sold by Agem in Slovakia:

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